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Patience: Who has the time for it?

Being a naturally impatient person, one of my biggest areas of discouragement at the start of my weight loss journey was how much time it was going to take for me to lose my extra 32 pounds healthfully. Fortunately, I was able to avoid the trap of considering fad diets; after all, the whole point […]

Social Situations / Drinking

There are several strategies that you can use if social eating / drinking is an issue for you. The following article, from, a weight-loss website, outlines four of these strategies: From the article: “So what’s the solution? Lock yourself in your house for the rest of your life? Of course not. It’s not easy, […]

All-Star Weight-Loss Menus!

Okay, enough about the Donuts and Doritoes. That was because I think it’s important that you understand that I don’t eat perfectly. Here are some daily menus that are just about perfect, and that I can recommend to you! If you are trying to follow these menus, but you really do not like any one […]

Rewards! Plus: do NOT have a scale in your home.

Reward yourself! When you have accomplished your goals for the week or the month, give yourself a small reward that makes you really happy. Your reward should, of course, have nothing to do with food. My own reward system was fairly simple. First off, and this is VERY important: do NOT have a scale in […]

Love. Food. Pictures.

Above, to start off this post, is the cover sheet that I created for my weight-loss binder. I cut out photos of healthy foods from magazines. I think that shrimp is succulent, apples are appetizing, and spinach is super! Every day when I recorded my foods eaten for that day, I saw these pictures. Particularly […]

5 things to remember

5 things to remember when planning your daily menus: 1. Variety 2. Nutrition 3. Something that I call “Fullness Quotient”: how full any one food, or any one combination of foods, makes you feel, compared to how many calories are in that food. This is individual for every person: my “Fullness Quotient” for a particular […]

May 2 – May 9 2008

This is the week right after: the Donuts & Doritoes Day and the super-low-calorie day after that. There are some really good days in this week, and some not-so-good days. Apparently I was sick all week this week, and my energy was very low. It makes me recoil to read about some of the foods […]