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Naming your vegetables

April 1, 2012

I found it very helpful to name my vegetables. Prior to making a salad, I would come up with names for each vegetable that was going into the salad. This way, I felt a personal connection with each vegetable on its trip down my gullet.

Some of my favorite names came from cartoon characters. For example, I named an unruly burdock root “Huey,” the accompanying ginger root “Dewey,” and the arugula “Louie,” although the last one proved to be confusing for me when I chose to make Shrimp Louie salad later that day.

One very special beet was just too dear to me to have only one name. For this particular beet [with which I felt a close, personal relationship], I felt that only giving it seven names would adequately express the depth and breadth of its noble qualities. I named this beet Matthew Frederick Dumbledore Ferdinand Clement Cornelius Montmorency the Fourth.

I honestly do not know if there were three beets that directly preceded it in its ancestry, but I needed to add something on the end of the name which alluded to the fact that this beet clearly arose from superior root lineage.

I highly encourage you to name your vegetables as well. I think you’ll ultimately look forward to this unique strategy as one of your very favorites.








Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone! 🙂

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