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How My Random Spontaneous Night with a Hot Indian Multi-Millionaire changed my eating habits

I didn’t sleep with him.

Yes, he wanted to, but it just isn’t my personality to have one-night stands.

I’m sure that the Hot Indian Multi-Millionaire was not devastated. I would venture to guess that the world is his oyster in terms of opportunities in that regard.

However, I would have to say that the 13 hours that I spent with the Hot Indian Multi-Millionaire (hereafter referred to as H.I.M., or simply HIM :)) were 13 of the most wonderful and enjoyable hours of my entire year of 2012.

In fact, he is one of the inspirations for this blog, although this is the first time I’ve mentioned him. The other two inspirations (for why I have posted helpful tips from my own weight loss journey online here) are a lovely lady friend of mine who asked for my help with her weight-loss journey, around the same time that another nice lady friend of mine asked me (really wanting to know, not just giving a vapid compliment) how I stay so slim.

I could go on for a very long time about exactly what those 13 hours with HIM consisted of, and why they were so very enjoyable, but, although I love dating stories (both the terrific and the disastrous), this is not a dating blog. I am quite relieved that I’ve recognized that now, and reigned myself in immediately.

So, what I will focus on in today’s post is how my conversations with HIM about food changed my paradigms about what I eat.

“It wasn’t marketed very well,” HIM said defensively, although I wasn’t attacking him in the least. “I don’t really want to tell you the name.”

Well, of course then I wanted to know the name of the video that he was referring to. After a bit more hesitation, he finally told me:

Fat Head.


Well. I could understand why he didn’t really want to mention that!

“It’s about oils,” he said. “It’s about how vegetable oils significantly contribute to inflammation, heart disease, all of these top killers that people are blaming on dairy, saturated fat, sugar.”

I was interested.

I looked up the video online the next day. At that time, I remember it listing for $80. Since I am not a Multi-Millionaire (not even close! :)), so $80 is not exactly pocket change for me, I passed on it at that time, despite my curiosity about it.

Today, when I located the video on Amazon.com in order to share it in this post, I noticed to my surprise that the price has gone down to $19.99! So I’ve just ordered it. Expect a follow-up post.

In the meantime, his brief and incomplete verbal summary of this video (which corresponds to the brief and incomplete written summary that you can find here : http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/no-bologna-facts/) stuck with me.

Just last week, I decided to cut out all oils from my diet other than pure olive oil.

*Very important side note from my Very Important Friend Siona: Be sure that your olive oil is, in fact, pure… you might be surprised at how many oils that claim to be olive oil have other oils mixed into them on the sly!

Links that Siona sent to me today, as a follow-up to our lovely conversation last night at her home, over a home-cooked dinner of squid in marinara sauce:




I’ve probably already mentioned that it is very important to pay attention to your body and what it is telling you, but I’ll mention it again. Pay attention! Only over-ride your body’s wisdom if you must due to circumstances, and/or if you have a VERY good reason.

One thing that I noticed in paying attention to my body was that I always felt far better after eating a salad from the Whole Foods salad bar if I added only olive oil and balsamic vinegar to my vegetables, rather than adding one of the pre-made dressings which contained vegetable oils. The difference in the way that I felt was so pronounced that I have already stuck to olive oil and balsamic at the Whole Foods salad bar for the past few years.

Therefore, extending this plan to the rest of my diet made a lot of sense to me. It just took me a while to do so!

If it is not practical for your lifestyle to cut out all vegetable oils (it is not a task for the faint of heart!), I recommend cutting it down. Simply being aware of this information could change the way that you eat in small ways that could add up to big health gains and/or increases in quality of life over the long run. And that is something that makes even a fabulous 13 hours with a Hot Indian Multi-Millionaire pale in comparison.

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