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Success! My Recent Healthy, Tasty Weight-Loss Menus ~ Nutritious and Gluten-Free.

The last menus that I posted were from over three years ago, and it’s fun to see how the quality of my food has improved since then.

One important change has been that I am currently gluten-free! I never expected to make this change to my diet, particularly since I have always loved wheat and rye toast, but it is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health and quality of life. If you are gluten-free as well and/or looking for new inspiration along your weight-loss journey, these menus may offer some useful ideas for you.

I have maintained my goal weight for nearly four years running now, so I really debated about whether or not to lose weight this time, since I am already within my healthy weight range. “Is this just vanity?” I asked myself, but I ultimately came to the conclusion that my body is healthiest and happiest when I am at the lower end of my healthy weight range rather than right in the middle of that range.

One difference this time around, since I am already at my healthy weight, is that my focus is more on seeing my body change in measurements, vitality, and sense of well-being rather than on the actual weight-loss numbers. However, if your focus is currently on the numbers, these menus will still be helpful in pointing you in the right direction to create your own daily menus. 🙂

March 19 actual


March 20


March 21


March 22

Pistachios on a white background

March 23


March 24

squid in marinara

March 25


March 26

mango kombucha

March 27


March 28


March 29

octopus and fingerlings

March 30


March 31


April 1


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