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Hi! I’m Heather.

I am currently posting to my blog about once every two weeks or so, usually on Sundays or Mondays.

I chose the name “The Red Carrot” for my blog for 2 reasons:

1. I like red carrots, and I want to encourage people to take joy in eating (something I feel is not always encouraged in our culture) and to create meals around healthy foods that they really like.

2. Red carrots are not what people first think of when they think of carrots; I want to indicate that I have a fresh perspective on healthy eating and healthy living – a perspective that is just as unique as a red carrot! 🙂

My blog is here in order to encourage people along their weight-loss journeys. I will provide insight into my own successful weight-loss journey. Along the way, I will provide a vast number of real-life menus, my own original ideas and concepts that helped me to lose weight and keep it off, and links to articles that I think are noteworthy.


About Me:

In addition to my love for preparing and enjoying healthy and tasty food, I am interested in calligraphy, silly books (the sillier, the better), and learning everything that I can about animal behavior.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. I worked for a class-action, plaintiffs-side law firm for three years, in a legal assistant position somewhat similar to that of Erin Brockovich, my hero.

Instead of attending law school as I’d initially planned, I abruptly changed direction after one influential attorney insisted I would be an amazing psychotherapist. I attended graduate school in a Master’s in Counseling Psychology program, but I left not long into the program.

I am currently attending massage school, and I love it! It seemed like it would be easy, but it has been challenging, and I have welcomed the challenge. I enjoy how simply giving a massage is a physical work-out during which the practitioner is expected to provide the client with a superior and enjoyable experience, while also integrating principles of stroke mechanics, anatomy, physiology, ethics, and much more. Every body is different, and every body is beautiful.

My passion is helping people, and if this blog has helped you, I’d love to hear from you! Please drop me a line or enter in a comment. 🙂

***Blogs I read***

Emily Magone’s


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