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Success! My Recent Healthy, Tasty Weight-Loss Menus ~ Nutritious and Gluten-Free.

The last menus that I posted were from over three years ago, and it’s fun to see how the quality of my food has improved since then. One important change has been that I am currently gluten-free! I never expected to make this change to my diet, particularly since I have always loved wheat and […]

How My Random Spontaneous Night with a Hot Indian Multi-Millionaire changed my eating habits

I didn’t sleep with him. Yes, he wanted to, but it just isn’t my personality to have one-night stands. I’m sure that the Hot Indian Multi-Millionaire was not devastated. I would venture to guess that the world is his oyster in terms of opportunities in that regard. However, I would have to say that the […]

Naming your vegetables

April 1, 2012 I found it very helpful to name my vegetables. Prior to making a salad, I would come up with names for each vegetable that was going into the salad. This way, I felt a personal connection with each vegetable on its trip down my gullet. Some of my favorite names came from […]

Social Situations / Drinking

There are several strategies that you can use if social eating / drinking is an issue for you. The following article, from sparkpeople.com, a weight-loss website, outlines four of these strategies: From the article: “So what’s the solution? Lock yourself in your house for the rest of your life? Of course not. It’s not easy, […]

5 things to remember

5 things to remember when planning your daily menus: 1. Variety 2. Nutrition 3. Something that I call “Fullness Quotient”: how full any one food, or any one combination of foods, makes you feel, compared to how many calories are in that food. This is individual for every person: my “Fullness Quotient” for a particular […]

Never Give Up!

I didn’t initially post my own weight-loss success on my Facebook page. I waited. For three years. After three years of staying at my ideal healthy weight, I considered my weight-loss effort to be a success! A few of my friends are currently in the middle of their own weight loss journeys. One of them […]